Mathematica Code

The intent with Computational Explorations in PVD Sputtering is that the reader will follow along, creating code as they read.  This is the best way to truly learn the material.  However, for some folks this is not practical.  If you find yourself in this situation, feel free to download the Mathematica files below.  

These files are the ones I developed while writing the book.  They are not polished and may be a bit unclear in spots.  But they do have everything you need to create the simulations in the book

Chap2.nb (3.6 MB)

Chap3.nb (0.4 MB)

Chap4.nb (6.2 MB)

Chap5.nb (1.0 MB)

Chap6.nb (9.0 MB)

Chap7.nb (1.7 MB)

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